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The world of children is the world of play. Early childhood is a golden period when children begin to explore themselves and their surrounding to gain knowledge. At an early age, children begin to learn values from the people around them. Based on early childhood development, we provide fun learning, methods and facilities where children can explore knowledge by playing. The BCCT system used in the school can also accommodate children’s need to learn in a fun way. Islamic values as a foundation for children are introduced and taught in a fun way in center of worship.( Ibadah Center).


According to its name, Kindergarten means “child’s garden” – a place where children can explore many things in an interesting way and atmospheres. Our purpose in Kindergarten is to provide, stimulate and facilitate kids to develop their cognitive, motor, socio-emotional, language and spiritual skills through appropriately selected activities that encourage kids to learn more. The BCCT curriculum provide children to learn by playing in centers and through circle time. In Embun Pagi Kindergarten, children will also learn about friendship and how to interact and socialize with friends and adults among them. The Islamic values are also instilled in the classroom through habituation and school culture. All the activities in Kindergarten are delivered in an interesting and warm atmosphere that allow children to express and explore more in the school.

Kindergarten & Nursery Curriculum

The Beyond Center and Circle Time is a learning approach that focuses on children, in which children learn from what they play in the play center. Not only emphasizing on results but also focusing on the learning process, the BCCT learning model will provide a sufficient learning experience so that children are able to construct their own knowledge. Interaction with the learning environment will increase the wealth of knowledge, experience and social life

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1st DAY SCHOOL in EPIS Kindergarten Academic Year 2022/2023