Elementary School

Elementary School

Embun Pagi Islamic School this year has reached the 15th year of its service since its establishment in 2006. Thank you very much to all our valued parents who have trusted our school as the Educational Institution for teaching and nurturing the children. We are very grateful for your kindness, support and cooperation during these 15 years. Due to the increasing number of students and our efforts to provide better facilities for our children, Embun Pagi Islamic School now has three main buildings located at JL. Raya Kapin No. 8 Kalimalang, East Jakarta with modern classrooms equipped with audio video equipment, a semi-Olympic swimming pool, a mini soccer field, a basketball court, computer and science labs, a library, a comfortable mosque and many other new facilities. Based on its vision to be a leading Islamic school with an international insight, the school keeps on strengthening its curriculum to reach its goals. It is our commitment to developing not only the cognitive aspect but also all the aspects required in a child’s development, especially the spiritual aspect, by introducing the Islamic values as the most important guidance in life. Our teaching and learning methods are student-centered by giving opportunities to each individual to explore his/her potentials. We believe that each child comes into the world with unique potentials and if properly explored, it will contribute to betterment of the world. A conducive and comfortable environment is also created to make the children feel at home. Hopefully, by providing good education in their early lives, the children will grow as individuals and learners who are ready to face and compete in the future.

Elementary School

The characteristics of elementary school-aged children are happy to play and to move, excited to work in groups, and enthusiastic to experience something directly. Elementary school-aged is also a period of transition from early childhood- to childhood and from childhood to teenager. Therefore, education in elementary must be able to meet the needs of children in elementary-aged in order to be able to grow optimally. The curriculum and learning system as well as school culture in EPIS Elementary are designed by taking into account the intelligence developments of elementary school children so that they can develop optimally. We also prepare the students for the next phase of their education and lives. Leadership characters begin to be instilled both in class and out of the class through school activities and events. The inclusion of Islamic values (SAFT ) and 21st century skills are also introduced and explored at elementary school level.

Elementary Curriculum

The Beyond Center and Circle Time is a learning approach that focuses on children, in which children learn from what they play in the play center. Not only emphasizing on results but also focusing on the learning process, the BCCT learning model will provide a sufficient learning experience so that children are able to construct their own knowledge. Interaction with the learning environment will increase the wealth of knowledge, experience and social life

CB, IT, Literasi, Homeroom ,PRAMUKA, English with ILP
International Adoption
Math, Science English
Islamic Value
PAI, Tahsin, Tahfizh
National (DIKNAS)


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22 students passed to FINAL in OSK & KMS 17


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